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version: 0.843
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Part neighborhood as well as mostly data sharing, DC occupies an unusual particular niche in the P2P game. Unlike torrents, which are direct peer connections, or central networks like LimeWire, DC takes care of links to centers. Many hubs are developed around a rate of interest, such as scientific research fiction or movies. From there, you can chat as well as share documents with other peers that are connected to the very same center.

Nevertheless, several hubs position restrictions on links to guarantee that individuals are dedicating their attention to the hub. The variety of centers you can link to relies on the amount of Upload share slots you provide, and you hardly ever can connect to greater than 4 or 5 hubs without going against the regulations of at the very least one of them. That causes your link to that hub being lost. Also, several hubs have a minimum share requirement, typically 1GB or 5GB.

Linking is rather basic. Once you mount the program, you create a nickname, set your share directory site, as well as the variety of upload slots you wish to offer. There's an integrated public center directory checklist to help individuals find neighborhoods they're interested in, which is searchable by search phrase. Commands, such as to register your nickname with the center so no one else can utilize it, are become part of the main chat window.

There are a lot of mouse-over tags to aid you recognize what's taking place, and also since much of the neighborhoods are relatively tiny, individuals have a tendency to be pleasant in providing guidance. Hubs often employ an Assistance command to assist individuals in the guidelines as well as how-tos. Great for sharing files and also chatting, DC has taken a small yet well-connected niche, and you can locate most data you're seeking-- as long as you remain in the best center.


License : Free
Developer : DC++ Group
OS : Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
Version : 0.843

Download DC++ for free

You can download the DC++ for Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP by clicking on the Download button which you find below. DC++ is a file sharing client for the Direct Connect Network, DC++ has fast established itself as the defacto standard client for Direct Connect. Features include connecting to multiple Direct Connect hubs simultaneously, searching through multiple hubs, and an easy-to-use interface.


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