Kali Linux is a operating system. This is open source operating system means that we installed every program in it as we want. We use every thing in this window as we want. As we see there is so many restrictions in latest windows but there is no restrictionin this windoe, we use this window as we use root mobile. This is very best and useful programs for a penetrating testing, in this program there are 300+ penetration includes. The main best thing of this operating system is that it is user friendly and interface is also very cool. The installation step of this operating is liitle bit difficult, but it is easy once you inderstand this application. By the use this operating system we make a program in this window in very easy mode.

In this window we easily customized any program easily as we want.this operating give us traditional two theme, generatlay black theme is on deslktop which gives us very cool look. There are many default programs in this window. The cf burning programs also present which is used by everyone with a very great interst. There are many hacking tools are available in this operating system.