Key Opinion Leader: Why NetBase Quid Helps you Choose the Best?

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Key Opinion Leader: Why NetBase Quid Helps you Choose the Best?

A key opinion leader is someone whose opinion concerning a product or service is taken with concern and respect. In business, it is an organization or individuals who know certain kinds of products or services, and people always look upon them for advice. They still influence the movement of a product or service, since they get trusted by individuals who look upon them.

Why NetBase QuidWhy NetBase Quid

There is a slight difference between a leader and an influencer. While influencers get seen in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, key opinion leader is present both physically and online. They play a more significant role in the purchasing power of most consumers who look upon them for advice.

However, all of them can perform the same duties of influencing people’s opinions about a particular product or service. Nowadays, most brands have decided to work with influencers as their KOL’s to help push their products into the market. This demand is caused by influencers having the best engagements since the rise of social media, making most target audiences being active online.

Examples of leading influencers include celebrities, bloggers, and other social media gurus. They are used to promote trendy products such as Beauty products, fitness, fashion and design, and travel destinations. Their influence is always felt by online people and those who follow what they do.

Some examples of these key opinion leaders include Politicians, Doctors, and Dentists, Professional advisors, Academics, and designers. They are used to push sensitive products like healthcare and medical apparatus. Most companies use key opinion leaders and influencers for marketing their brands due to their enormous impact on sales since most people trust them as experts. They reach more target audiences, and since they have the trust, products they endorse get accepted readily by the target consumers.

Benefits of KOL in the company’s marketing strategies:

Most development companies use key opinion leaders to push their products into the market, especially when targeting a specific niche. Some of the main reasons why companies focus on these leaders include:

  1. Targets the real audience: These leaders help companies to comfortably reach their target audience or niche in which their products belong. Companies can choose leaders according to the niche their product belongs to.
  2. Increase Reach: they easily make companies reach their target audiences. While general advertising targets all audiences, marketing through a KOL makes your product reach the right audience.
  3. It helps in sales generation: Using these leaders to create attraction to a new product or allowing individuals well-known to create awareness using your product makes the target audience to accept it, creating more sales to the company.

Why companies use KOL to Market their Products:

Most companies use key opinion leaders for marketing their products due to the following principal reasons:

  • Most consumers are easily convinced through word of mouth rather than believing in adverts.
  • According to the study, most purchasing decisions are influenced by word of mouth, especially on sensitive products.
  • Most customers take word of mouth recommendations seriously than adverts. It is easier to ignore an advert, but not a word from someone you trust.

NetBase Quid is a platform that helps leading companies and multinationals build their brands and to connect with their clients through social analytics. This market intelligence platform helps companies discover the best individuals who can be their brand ambassadors. It does this by processing billions of data to uplift brands, agencies, and consultants through data-driven decisions. Through its massive analytical tools, they get the best leaders and give their audience engagements, sentiments, and exact demographics. This helps companies gauge whether they are the right people to use to promote their products.

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