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Layout Editor 20190820 Latest Free Download


Layout Editor 20190820 Latest Free Download

Layout Editor 20190820 is the most popular software for editing designs for the manufacture of MEMS and IC. It is also often used for Chip-on-Board, multi-chip modules, monolithic microwave integrated circuits,  low temperature cooked ceramics,  printed circuit boards (PCB), film thick technology, thin-film technology or any other technology that uses photo mascaras. The LayoutEditor can be used freely to access our services, such as the provider with photo mascaras

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User interface:

The user interface of the LayoutEditor offers outstanding usability as well as high productivity. The most important operating functions, such as zooming and scrolling, are integrated into each function and do not need to be called separately. Context menus are available for most parts of the user interface by right-clicking the mouse.

Layout Editor Latest Free Download
Layout Editor Latest Free Download

A three-button mouse is recommended for effective use, but it is also possible to use any function with a touch panel or a single-button mouse. The user interface of the LayoutEditor is highly adjustable. The default appearance only includes the most important parts. You can add more toolbars, sub-windows on demand through the main menu or by right-clicking on the empty area of ​​the menu bar/toolbar. The availability of some toolbars/subwindows depends on the version of LayoutEditor you use. The function not available with the license key installed is not displayed. The parts of the user interface are described below.


  • Edition
  • Scripting
  • File formats
  • SchematicEditor
  • creation of new designs in all areas (microelectronics, nanotechnology, MEMS, chemical sensors, PCB, …
  • automatic design editing with scripts,
  • review and controls of finished designs,
  • preparation of data for the production of masks,
  • design viewer,
  • format conversions,
  • Integration platform for other design tools.

Technical Detail:

  • Title: Layout Editor v20190820
  • Developer: Jürgen Thies
  • License: Shareware
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 SP1 / 10.

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