SEO Studio Free Download 2019 (Google SEO)

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SEO Studio Free Download 2019 (Google SEO)

SEO Studio Free Download 2019 (Google SEO)

SEO Studio is top class software for use to optimize different kinds of SEO strategies and bring famous our website  or Youtube channel in whole world. Google SEO depends on different kinds of keywords and many strategies as well. If you want to download this software then you should download from our website because it’s complete setup. Easily to download and install.

SEO Studio Free Download 2019

SEO Studio Free Download 2019

Admin Panel Overview:

User Registration

Disable or enable the ability for new users to create an account on the website. You can replace the “login box” on the home page with different content, such as additional tools or your own custom HTML. Optionally require users to provide an email, and require them to verify their emails before using their account.


Create new translations by hitting the blue + button at the top right. You can also modify or delete languages here. Optionally send us a language file to help us provide free translations to other users.

Homepage Designer

Modify the content on the home page. Change the home page image by clicking the pencil icon overlaying it. To the right is a free file upload tool which is created by us. Feel free to use it, those images will never go offline.

Embed Tools

Pick a tool and generate HTML code to embed it onto any page via an <iframe>. Not all tools will work.

Users & Groups

You can disable tools for certain groups, and assign users to groups manually. You can also choose a default group for new users. The group “public” represents all users who are not logged in.

Tool Usage

Browse the usage of the tools on your website, as well as the website(s) that were entered, the user or their IP address, and the time. When a logged in user uses a tool, their username will be displayed. Clicking this username will take you to their profile. However, when a visitor (not logged in) uses a tool, it will show their IP address.

You can sort through tools via pagination (at the bottom, “Previous” or “Next” page), search through the results for an IP, website URL, tool, or time, and modify the order in which results are displayed. The default number of results per page is 100, this is also able to be changed by you.

Ad Banners

Enter the HTML code for any ad banner which fits the size stated. It does not have to be AdSense, as long as the dimensions are either 728×90, 160×600, or 300×250 (pixels, width x height).

SEO Studio Free Download

SEO Studio Free Download


Instantly check the application for numerous faults and errors. Detected issues are sometimes resolved automatically (wherever possible).

When error logs are present within the application, it will be noted at the bottom of this page. You will be given an option to send them to us (please do, it helps fix bugs).

Remote API


SEO Studio has its own local API, and works with two remote APIs:

  • Webfector API
  • Altusia API

Developers can take advantage of these three APIs to create their own SEO Studio tools or add-ons.

  • PHP 5.5 or newer (older versions may work, but we don’t always support them)
  • PHP CURL extension
  • PHP JSON extension installed
  • PHP Short Open Tags must be enabled
  • PHP Safe Mode must be disabled
SEO Studio Free

SEO Studio Free


Before installing, locate the folder you wish to install the application to. It must be an empty folder. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application’s .zip file you received from CodeCanyon.
  2. Open the Files » Installation directory.
  3. Copy the entire “install” folder, along with the index.php file, to your chosen installation directory.
Common Problems:

The installer was designed to set file CHMODs automatically. Sometimes, however, this process does not work due to server limits.

If you notice that you are unable to log in with the email and password you set, this means you need to manually set the file permissions. In the directory you installed to, open the new /data/ directory, and set all files inside to have a CHMOD of 0777. Then, log in using admin as your email and password.

Global Functions Google SEO

You should use these functions when needed, instead of creating alternatives.

  • curl_exec($ch) — Executes curl handler
  • curl_exec_follow($ch) — Executes curl handler, and follows redirects
  • file_get_html($url) — Downloads $url and returns its HTML DOM
  • isValid($url) — Checks if the URL can be connected to (returns true/false)
  • isProperURL($url) — Checks if URL is proper (returns true/false)
  • doFault() — Raises error, redirects to home page

Global Variables

You should use these variables when needed, instead of creating alternatives. These only apply to the front-end of SEO Studio, and not the admin panel.

  • $db — Database handle
  • $lang — Language database handle
  • $account — Account management handle
  • $path — Represents a path to the root directory
  • $title — The current page title
  • $ads — Ad banner handle

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