SSDkeeper Professional / Server / Home Free Download

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SSDkeeper Professional / Server / Home Free Download

SSDkeeper Professional / Server / Home Free Download

SSDkeeper guarantees to improve laptops and Windows workstations with faster performance than the new one, or your money back for 90 days, with no questions. SSDkeeper’s patented write optimization engine avoids excessively small fragmented writes that steal the performance and endurance of SSDs.

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SSDkeeper free download

SSDkeeper free download

SSDkeeper guarantees large and clean contiguous writes from Windows, so the maximum payload is transported with each input / output (I / O) operation. By eliminating the “death by a thousand cuts” scenario of many, small scripts and readings that slow down the performance of the system, the lifetime of an SSD is also extended due to the significant reduction in writing amplification problems that affect all the SSD devices.

Proactive and efficient optimization of PCs and laptops:
SSDkeeper further electrifies the performance of the Windows system with an additional patented feature: dynamic cache memory. By automatically using the available and inactive DRAM to perform hot readings, the data is served from the memory, which is 12-15 times faster than the SSD and further reduces the wear of the SSD device. Systems with only 4GB of available DRAM generally account for 50% of read traffic.

The real genius behind the SSDkeeper DRAM caching engine is that you do not have to assign anything to the cache. SSDkeeper dynamically uses only what is available at a given time and the limitations according to the need of the application, so there is never a problem of resource containment or lack of memory. SSDkeeper is a “configure and forget” software that works silently in the background, and performs all optimizations automatically with an overload of almost zero.

SSDKeeper provides the same patented core functionality as Diskeeper 16 minus the defragmentation options that are only applicable to hard drives.



Features of SSDkeeper download:

Keep PCs and laptops running faster than new ones with SSDkeeper Professional:

  • Delivers performance  I / O accelerated  for Windows PC
  • Proactively prevents small and fragmented writes at the level of the Windows operating system
  • Extends the life of SSD by reducing write-amplification problems
  • Cachea hot readings from DRAM available
  • True “set and forget” functionality
  • Low overhead: continuous optimization without impeding resources
  • The control panel reports show the real benefit of “time saving” in each system, so the value is easily quantifiable and is never in doubt

SSDkeeper Professional contains a set of tools for proactive and highly efficient technologies:


  • I / O write optimization technology prevents files from breaking and breaking into parts, and each piece requires its own I / O operation before writing to SSD in a non-sequential manner. This reduces the write-booting problems that shorten the life of the SSD and increases the performance of the system, since fewer I / O operations are required to process a particular file.


  • The read I / O optimization technology intelligently stores the active data of read requests using available and inactive memory. Nothing should be assigned for the cache, since IntelliMemory realizes at all times how much memory is inactive and available for the cache. This further reduces the overhead of I / O to the underlying SSD device, allowing systems to handle read requests from the DRAM, which is 12-15 times faster than an SSD.


  • Intelligent monitoring technology allows all SSDkeeper operations to run silently in the background with almost no impact on computing resources. In the rare case that a system maximizes computing resources, SSDkeeper operations will be completely removed. InvisiTasking ensures that SSDkeeper runs silently without any visible intrusion into activities.

Benefit report:

  • The panel shows the real benefit of “time saved” in each system, so the value is easily quantifiable and is never questioned. See exactly how many write I / O and how many read I / O are removed from downloading to the SSD device, what percentage of read and write traffic is downloaded from the underlying SSD, and, most important, how much I / O time which saves any system or group of systems in any period of time.

Monitoring of I / O performance:

  • reveals key performance metrics such as IOPS, performance and latency. It reveals the amount of workload processed in the local system for a given period of time. It also provides important information about memory usage, such as the total physical memory and the minimum / maximum / average memory available and how much of that was used for the cache. If there is not enough DRAM available, users do not get the best possible performance from SSDkeeper.


  • provides a time-of-hour view for any period of time to understand exactly what is happening in the local system related to key metrics such as workload, read / write percentage, IOPS, performance, I / O response time and Benefits such as I / O write reduction from IntelliWrite and read I / O reduction from IntelliMemory.


  • SSD Optimizer technology produces faster performance on solid-state drives running on Microsoft operating systems. The HyperFast function includes the TRIM functionality and is enabled only if a solid state drive is recognized.

Free space consolidation engine:

  • Fast consolidates do free space for new writes are performed optimally and reduces program / erase (P / E) cycles that result in write-amplification problems that reduce the longevity of the SSD.

Technical Details of SSDkeeper:

  • Software Name: SSDkeeper Professional / Home / Server v2.0.52.64
  • Software File Name: SSDkeeper Professional / Home / Server
  • File Size:  74/87/80 MB
  • Developer: Home Page

System Requirements for SSDkeeper:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 8 GB of minimum free HDD
  • Installed Memory: 2 GB of minimum RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher

Home Edition:

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Professional Edition:

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Server Edition:

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