Sygic v18.0.10 Latest | GPS Navigation & Offline Maps | Full Mod APK

Sygic v18.0.10 map and GPS navigation of Sygic is the most used GPS navigation application for Android with 3D maps without connection from Navigation and Navigation guided by voice maps. The Sygic GPS offers a high-end navigation and navigation experience with modern features for your safety and comfort. Live traffic and radar of the police / speed warning camera to avoid traffic delay and avoid traffic delay. Advice on parking places on availability and price information. Find cheap gas in your type of gas. Tourist attraction and navigation on foot. Navigation of display visualization projects (HUD) on car wash slides. Whether you travel, work for work, or professionally, a map and GPS navigation from Sygic is a map for each of you. You can also Downnload:
Sygic v17.9.4 Latest - GPS Navigation

Sygic v18.0.10 Latest - GPS Navigation


  • High quality stored in your device Tom Tome * maps.
  • Navigation with voice recorder (TTS) with street names of offer.
  • Offline navigation without internet connection.
  • Free map updates more than once a year
  • The live traffic service finds the way quickly, going through the traffic jam.
  • Mobile speed camera / radar warning.
  • GPS navigation headset (HUD) display projects in its wide.
  • See animated LAN guide and JS for safe lane changes.
  • · Parking advice with availability and availability information.
  • Find cheap gas in your type of gas.
  • Safety alerts on fast turning and railroad crossing.
  • Speed limit warning on the map.
  • Fixed speed camera warning.
  • Alternative routes and multiple approaches along the way.
  • Address the entry of / GPS copy and paste Avoid towels in a country or all the way.
  • Pedestrian navigation and tourist places.
  • Millions of points of interest (PPI) Audio integration for car - Bluetooth or cable .
  • Dashmak even registers that you are browsing.
Map of all countries in the world with tomatoes and other guards: Europe russia North and South America Africa Asia and the Middle East Australia, New Zealand Note: Sharing Dasham videos is prohibited by law in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia and Spain.


1. Uninstall the previous version! 1a. Delete the folder Sygic from your root sdcard if exist. 1b. Delete the folder com.sygic.aura from your External Removable SDCard/Android/data or Internal Storage if exist. 1c. Download base folder from here! 1d. For Android < 4.4+ Extract and make a new folder name Sygic on your root External Removable SDCard or Internal Storage.Copy to SDCard/Sygic/put here “Android”,”Maps”,”Res” from extracted com.sygic.aura folder. 1e. For Android > 4.4+ Extract and copy folder com.sygic.aura to SDCard/Android/data/put folder here on your root External Removable SDCard or Internal Storage. 2. Download and Install Patched apk. 3. Start app, ask to install on External Removable SDCard or Internal Storage (require ALLOW Permission to Storage), skip email. 4. Download maps from Sygic Store or use MapDownloader. 5. Enjoy!


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