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djDecks for Mac is a software mixer and also sound player for the MacOS platform. There is a complimentary download offered, yet the complete copy of djDecks for Mac will cost? 80 (around $110 US). The software program sets up easily and also can be informed to review your existing collection of music.

The djDecks for Mac user interface reveals 2 mixers for 2 audio streams in the lower component of the user interface, and a graphic frequency display in the upper component. Sliders as well as handles allow you readjust the audio streams as well as the blending. Along with audio, video clip and karaoke clips can be played with djDecks for Mac. Up to four inputs or decks can be managed by djDecks for Mac, and also you have complete control of pitch, loopholes, defeat dimension and also matching, and unique effects. A wonderful capability is rerouting the output from the software program to either Shoutcast or Icecast straight, permitting those who want to organize their own casts to have a direct stream to the servers. An outside controller can be made use of with djDecks for Mac as well, if you have one available. djDecks for Mac has skins that can be put on change the look (yet not the functionality).

We evaluated djDecks for Mac for a number of weeks and also had no issues with it. The user interface is simple sufficient to master as well as can be managed without much thought once the design is clear. Graphically djDecks for Mac isn't as eye-catching as a few other apps on the market, looking a little busy as well as grey, yet skinning can aid that. Whether djDecks for Mac is worth the instead high asking cost is a concern for the customer after having fun with the trial.

Editors' note: This is an evaluation of the trial version of djDecks for Mac 0.99.


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