Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Security

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Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Security

The global gambling market soon began to take shape both in offline and online segments. We all understand how important the role of the security service is for any casino. In this article, we will compare the security system in both a land-based casino and an online casino.

Online Casino Security

Area of responsibility of the land-based casino security service

In fact, the security system of a land-based casino is responsible for a fairly large number of areas.

First of all, the physical safety of staff and players. In addition, the fulfillment of counter-terrorism tasks is relevant for today’s security. For example, during the registration of new guests in a land-based casino in a number of countries, the received data is checked against a list of a database of terrorists and persons suspected of laundering money obtained in criminal ways. And if the data of a new client match those specified in the database, the gambling establishment is obliged to report this to the State Financial Monitoring Service, following the established procedure.

Hence the third – the casino security system interacts with the law enforcement agencies of the state in which the gambling establishment operates (the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the State Drug Control Service, etc.).

A separate area is security in terms of information technology, respectively, the staff of the casino must have employees who deal with cybersecurity.

Any client, when he comes to a land-based gambling establishment, registers and leaves information about himself, in particular passport data, and a photo. And the casino must save the database so that it does not become the property of intruders.

Often casinos collect databases of player preferences so that they can take full advantage of the service.

The security system in the casino must control those who are on the blacklists, which include persons from the self-restriction list, scammers, and people who behave asocially and are not allowed to play.

The security system also monitors compliance with the dress code.

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Online casino security

If we compare the ground segment and online from the point of view of the security system, then there will be several points in common. In particular, in both directions, the security service is involved in the selection of personnel. And for online gambling operators, the importance is mainly cybersecurity.

Specialists see all bets from all over the world. There is a special algorithm by which employees process this information. And if some bet or a series of bets seems suspicious, they analyze the client’s game separately – who bets, in which country.

In addition, it is very important for an online casino to interact with payment systems and store customer data, since today registration on a gambling site often requires the provision of passport data. The casino must keep them and not provide them to any third party.

Cryptocurrency has now become widely used as a means of payment in casinos. This has its own difficulties since digital funds are not only anonymous but also a significant period of enrollment – it can last up to one day. In this case, the casino sees that there is money, but it is unverified, and the player wants to play here and now. Then the online casino opens a credit limit for him but does not make a payment until the funds are confirmed.

Fraud in online casinos is often associated with the fact that people pay for the game with someone else’s, for example, stolen cards. The real cardholders then protest these transactions. And in order to avoid, in particular, such cases, the online casino requires the identification of the client.

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What to choose?

Online casinos offer you to play all the slots available in land-based casinos using your PC or mobile device. Everything you need for online gambling is at hand.

The multifaceted advantage of land-based casinos is their indescribable atmosphere. It not only retains already active gamblers but also works to attract new players. Most often, such halls are beautifully decorated and equipped, they look really elite, and the service they provide is also at the highest level.

It’s hard to say exactly which is better. If we compare security, then yes, land-based casinos are better in this regard, because they have existed for a very long time and the security system is updated to this day. But this does not mean that online casinos are much worse than land-based ones. But due to the fact that they appeared quite recently, at some points the security system should be improved. Always read reviews on forums and watch online casino reviews.

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