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version: 2.5.4
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MART is a data format for digital publications, and also we need to confess that we had actually never heard of it in the past. The scarceness of Google results regarding this format made us question its popularity, however it turns out that there is no scarcity of individuals utilizing the style to upload electronic books for watching with MartView. Not only does this e-reader let you watch digital files, it also makes it very easy to produce and share books of your own.

MartView includes a sleek as well as eye-catching design. The program includes an individual overview within its library of electronic books, which is a great touch; you can try the program's features as you check out them. MartView features a number of sights as well as techniques of moving via files: you can turn web pages, scroll vertically or flat, or sight thumbnails of the web pages. MartView offers you accessibility to a collection of electronic books-- primarily publications-- that have been submitted by others around the globe, and also there's no telling what you'll locate. We found the June 2007 problem of Complete Guitar, a number of concerns of The Economist from 2010, numerous Japanese girlie mags, and a German-language vegetarian publication, among numerous others. MartView also makes it easy to transform your own PDFs or photo files into the MART style to be submitted and shared. We suched as the truth that MartView works as a PDF customer, also. The program is a little bit of a resource hog, and we saw a substantial downturn in our device's performance while it was running; the program itself was also a little bit sluggish to react. Still, MartView's appealing user interface and innovative approach of sharing magazines make it worth taking a look at.

MartView mounts a desktop icon without asking yet uninstalls easily. We suggest this program to all users.


License : Free
Developer :
OS : Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
Version : 2.5.4

Download MartView for free

You can download the MartView for Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP by clicking on the Download button which you find below. Martview is an eMagz reader that is compatible with pdf file and mart file. With comfortable & clean layout to maximize your reading pleasure on computer. Experience the new concept of digital reading. Thousands of free e-books & magazines uploaded by martview users around the world will sure to fulfill your reading interest. Major Features: Horizontal & vertical slider viewer; Smooth & innovative slider mode emulates speed and slides through pages with ease. Just Use the Combo click (click left and right button simultaneously) to zoom in and out of the page. You have full control of the page with your mouse + scroller; Flipping Mode--Realistic flipping mode simulates a natural feeling as if you are turning the actual pages of your reading material. It's sure to provide another whole new dimension in electronic reading. Use the Combo click (click left and right button simultaneously) to zoom in and out of the page and have full control of the page with your mouse + scroller; Fully optimized for touchscreen monitor--Martview is optimized for touchscreen usage. Feel the book, browse through pages with swiping gestures, tap & hold to zoom, draw circle to adjust zoom level, shuffling rapidly through a book with a swipe-and-hold gesture; Jump around--Additional convenience when jumping around of the book with page thumbnail. Giving you additional speed so that you can save time by choosing the exact page that you want conveniently; Free book & magazine download--Thousands of Downloadable free e-books & magazines uploaded by other users around the world, with more then 20 genres that will sure to fulfill your reading interest. Download within martview conveniently and securely; Resumable download--Hassle free. You can resume back your download at any point of time upon connection error. No more worries about starting your download all over again; Create your own--Compilation made versatile, the Martview reader supports multiple file formats including pdf file or any other compatible formats such as jpg/gif/png. An e-book/magazine of your own will be a good platform to start your own editorials; Publish your book to the world, direct from martview. Just choose the pictures file (jpg/gif/png) or PDF file and compile it. Upload your book and get published to the world within hours.


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