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MPlayer for Macfor Mac

Here on you can download MPlayer for Mac for free for your use. We serve certified 100% clean, safe to download and install MPlayer for Mac file. You can download MPlayer for Mac for free in just one click.

version: 1.0rc4
Free Download


Find the download links and enjoy MPlayer for Mac on your laptop, computer or desktop without spending a penny.

MPlayer is a motion picture player which operates on lots of systems (see the documentation). It plays most MPEG/VOB, AVI, Ogg/OGM, VIVO, ASF/WMA/WMV, QT/MOV/MP4, RealMedia, Matroska, NUT, NuppelVideo, FLI, YUV4MPEG, MOVIE, RoQ, PVA documents, supported by many indigenous, XAnim, and Win32 DLL codecs. You can view VideoCD, SVCD, DVD, 3ivx, DivX 3/4/5 and also WMV movies. One more wonderful function of MPlayer is the variety of supported output chauffeurs. It functions with X11, Xv, DGA, OpenGL, SVGAlib, fbdev, AAlib, DirectFB, yet you can utilize GGI, SDL (and also by doing this all their vehicle drivers), VESA (on every VESA suitable card, even without X11!) and some low level card-specific vehicle drivers (for Matrox, 3Dfx and also ATI), also! A lot of them sustain software or equipment scaling, so you can enjoy films in fullscreen. MPlayer supports showing through some equipment MPEG decoder boards, such as the Siemens DVB, DXR2 and also DXR3/Hollywood+. MPlayer has an onscreen display screen (OSD) for status info, great large antialiased shaded captions and aesthetic feedback for keyboard controls. European/ISO 8859-1,2 (Hungarian, English, Czech, etc), Cyrillic and also Korean fonts are supported in addition to 12 subtitle formats (MicroDVD, SubRip, OGM, SubViewer, Sami, VPlayer, RT, SSA, AQTitle, JACOsub, PJS and also our own: MPsub). DVD captions (SPU streams, VOBsub and Shut Subtitles) are sustained as well.


License : Free
Developer : The MPlayer Project
OS : Mac OS X 10.4 PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.3.9, Mac OS X 10.4 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 Intel
Version : 1.0rc4

Download MPlayer for Mac for free

You can download the MPlayer for Mac for Mac OS X 10.4 PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.3.9, Mac OS X 10.4 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 Intel by clicking on the Download button which you find below.


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