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Phone to Mac for Macfor Mac

Here on you can download Phone to Mac for Mac for free for your use. We serve certified 100% clean, safe to download and install Phone to Mac for Mac file. You can download Phone to Mac for Mac for free in just one click.

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Find the download links and enjoy Phone to Mac for Mac on your laptop, computer or desktop without spending a penny.

Phone to Mac allows you easily duplicate, transfer the music, videos and also playlists from any type of iPod or apple iphone straight right into iTunes on any Mac. By decoding the iPods binary data source, Pod to Mac swiftly reveals the contents of any type of iPod and afterwards allows you choose what to do with the tracks. Play counts, rankings and also the various other track information are all recovered for every track transferred. The program's functions additionally consist of sound as well as video clip track sneak peeks, sortable columns and also even more.


License : Free
Developer : Macroplant
OS : iTunes 10 or higher
Version :

Download Phone to Mac for Mac for free

You can download the Phone to Mac for Mac for iTunes 10 or higher by clicking on the Download button which you find below.


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