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Pop-Up Zapper is a shareware application for Mac that helps you by 'zapping' away those irritating pop-up windows when you browse the internet. Zaps away most pop-up advertisements quickly without you ever before having to see them. Customize which website can have popups, such as financial, e-mail websites, etc. Prevent popup home windows from tinkering the dimension of your new windows. Enable or disable Pop-Up Zapper Lite by pressing Command-Control-'x'. Enable or disable it making use of a food selection, or disable the software application for just one home window through a Command-Control-'z'. Decide to play a sound when a pop-up is zapped. Quicken your browsing experience by not packing costly popup window advertisements. Free upgrade to Pop-Up Zapper for OS X as soon as you update to OS X (for IE only).

Variation 2.04 Pest solution: In some cases popups in the personalized checklist might trigger a collision due to a debugger call left in the code, Do not change the personalized information documents if one exists currently when setting up.


License : Free
Developer :
OS : Mac OS 8.x/9.x, Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla or Netscape 7.0
Version :

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You can download the Pop-Up Zapper Lite for Mac OS 8.x/9.x, Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla or Netscape 7.0 by clicking on the Download button which you find below.


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