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version: 5.3.1
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PrefsOverload is a full-featured device for managing the Preferences Folder, which has your numerous? Preference Documents". Preference Data are those data in which applications keep their settings as well as other info. After System 7, all these documents have been enclosed in the "Preferences Folder". Preferences are essential documents, but in some cases they can become entirely unnecessary. This can take place, for example, when their mother application doesn't exist-- or no much longer exists-- on your computer. Gradually the Preferences Folder will slowly expand and also may become full of documents created by trashed demo applications, or applications used momentarily just or otherwise utilized in all. The problem is that all these unused or pointless files still proceed to occupy important disk room! Another problem is that in some cases an application may fail to start-up because it happens to have a Preference Documents that has become harmed, or "damaged". In such a situation you will certainly require to erase this data, after which the application will certainly develop a fresh Preference Data as well as will run as it did prior to the issue happened. PrefsOverload was designed to fix both troubles. It can search the Preferences Folder, allowing you to discover unnecessary preferences files, thanks to the information it gives you. Or it can present a list of most likely unnecessary or broken Preference Files, allowing you to remove them or to place them into the garbage. Additionally PrefsOverload permits to look for certain Choice Files, by their type/creator or their creation/modification day therefore on?Main Features:

  • Operate On MacOS Standard as well as MacOS X
  • Accurate scanning, based on mom application, alteration date and also interior choices database.
  • Not just presents if a documents is perhaps unnecessary, but also shows a score on the side.
  • Finds damaged preference data
  • VERY quick scanning
  • Scans for non-standard Preferences folder, so you can scan Preferences folders of all running systems on your computer (including MacOS X) as well as of all MacOS X users, logging in as origin user.
  • Complete PDF assistance consisted of
  • Works on PowerMacintosh as well as 68k machines


License : Free
Developer : Angelo Scicolone
OS : Macintosh, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2
Version : 5.3.1

Download PrefsOverload for Mac for free

You can download the PrefsOverload for Mac for Macintosh, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2 by clicking on the Download button which you find below.


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