5 Surefire Tips To Minimize Distractions For Your WFH Team

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5 Surefire Tips To Minimize Distractions For Your WFH Team

As work from home is the only option for businesses to stay operational amid the pandemic surges, organizations realize the value of remote readiness. Investing in the right infrastructure, productivity apps, employee training, and reliable IT support set you up for WFH success.

But it is only half the work done. The other half includes practical measures to curb distractions for your team as they work from home. It can be a massive challenge, considering that most employees have noisy kids, unruly pets, and loads of other distractions in their living spaces.

5 Surefire Tips To Minimize Distractions For Your WFH Team

Still, you can do your bit as an employer to help. Here are some measures you can try

Finance a dedicated home office 

The best way to boost productivity and minimize distractions while working from home is to have a dedicated workspace. While some people have invested in home offices during the pandemic year, others weren’t able to do it because of a shortage of funds.

Your company can offer finance to employees to create a dedicated home if you plan to continue WFH for the long haul. It is a worthy investment as it will make people more productive and happy.

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Provide the right tools and resources

It is easy for workers to get distracted when they don’t have the apt tools and resources. You cannot expect them to work on specific tasks without a high-speed internet connection. Similarly, not having access to communication and collaboration tools can compromise their experience.

Reassess the list of tools and resources you have for your employees and ensure that they have the right ones to facilitate uninterrupted workflow.

Ensure they stay off social media 

Social media is among the biggest distractions for WFH employees. You have to make sure that they stay off these sites and apps as these can be big time-killers.

Having monitoring software on employee devices is a good idea. Alternatively, you can find here about blocking unwanted sites and apps on Macs. These measures discourage your team from wasting time checking their social profiles or just browsing networks for updates.

Facilitate connectivity and collaboration

Connected teams are less likely to be distracted even when they work from home. Employers must invest in a common platform to facilitate interaction among employees and keep them on the same page so that they never feel lost when working. Good communication and collaboration drive engagement, prevent misunderstandings and eliminate feelings of anxiety and stress. 

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Create a smart schedule

People tend to feel less attentive when they are stressed out. As an employer, you can create a smart schedule that gives regular breaks and rest from time to time.

Allot tasks and deadlines so that they have clear expectations. A well-managed schedule reduces distractions and supports the physical and mental wellness of your remote team. It is all the more important when the stress of long-term WFH takes a toll on employee well-being.

No matter how hard dealing with WFH distractions sounds, it isn’t an impossible feat. You can help your employees with the right measures and approach, and these steps will definitely help.

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